Miss Tralala on the run for the Food Inspection Bureau

By Anon Nymouse The Second Life Times Pine Lake, Second Life – Eyewitnesses saw Miss Tralala Loordes leave her company building carrying what could be the company’s data and email servers. The Intergalactic Food Inspection issued a warrant to bring Miss Tralala in for questioning. Mrs Sunflower reports: “While I was standing in the kitchen with my neighbor Mrs Geranium, I believe it was on Sunday’s market day when this handsome food inspector was roaming around here. Or was it Monday? Well anyway, I said to Mrs Geranium who was making a nice stew from Tralala’s meat, really the finest, I said to Mrs G. I said to her: Oh look there goes Miss Tralala and Mrs G. peeked out the window and saw them carry the company’s servers. And she should know, cos she has been a part time server administrator once, well that was all before she got pregnant of her fifth you know and it was all part-time, but nevertheless. So Miss Tralala and her employee were loading these servers into their aircrafts and went off. Of course I had my smart phone on me, you know for when my grandchildren want to video chat with me, always ready for my little ones, so I took a picture of Miss Tralala in her flying machine, look there it is. Doesn’t she look lovely? Very movie star like, isn’t she. And I am not saying that cos I took the picture.” 
The director of Intergalactic Food Inspection claims that Miss Tralala will not get far: “We have installed GPS-trackers on all the private and company vehicles once the warrant was out. All local authorities have been notified. It will only be a matter of time when Miss Tralala is apprehended and taken into custody.” 

Picture Reference Vrir took a picture while he was flying. You can admire his artwork here: Racing With Tralala 

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Location Tralala's Diner Post-Apocalyptic Living at It's Finest (Work In Progress). Hong Kong Rooftop Slums, Tokyo Piss Alley, Backwoods Road, Deadlands, Scavenged Ruins, Cat Sanctuary, Photo Op Sim and...a taxi service. 

The Making Of
While editing the picture I noticed that I did not use any depth of field. It was all too busy that day and Tralala and Vrir were actually flying around, so I had to shoot pictures quickly, no time to adjust.
I added some Gaussian blur to the background and the picture already looked better, but when I saw Vrir's picture I found that Motion blur would be even much better, so I added that instead. 
But still the propeller looked rather static and even in Second Life this was spinning. So I tried to figure out  how to make it look as if it were in motion. I copied the blade several times. made it a little transparent and pasted it at different angles. Nobody noticed, right?

A crop of the original image with a motionless propeller blade

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