Rebeca Bashly - Done

Visiting the *BLUE ORANGE* club

Tralala Loordes and Simon Sonnenblume went to the *BLUE ORANGE* club in Second Life on 16th October 2017. Simon did not expect to take any pictures. He actually did not know what to expect there.

51 by Bryn Oh

Bryn Oh was there and talked about the art concept Not Possible In Real Life (NPIRL).
Bryn said she had a new art project called '51'. The place was jam packed and everyone was ever so curious what Bryn Oh would come up with this time. She explained we 51 seconds to take pictures of her artwork. She did a countdown to zero and then...

51 by Bryn Oh

...and then floor tiles dropped away and all the gallery guests had to fight gravity or had to do a crash course in levitation. Strangely enough, your Simon fell down as well, but kept on walking in the air as if nothing serious had happened.

Simon Still Walking

Thank you Bryn Oh this was a fun art project :-)

Bryn Oh

Bryn Oh gazing up

More Art To Experience

There was more art to experience so Tralala and Simon moved around. Simon already showed you Done by Rebeca Bashly. Here is the same artwork from a different and even more friendly looking angle. This object is quite big, bigger than your avatar. It is an overwhelming look. Simon says this is a must visit.

Theda Tammas - Waiting Box

Gitu Aura - Mindgame


Theda Tammas
Rebeca Bashly
Aicha-Tubal Amiot
Xirana Oximoxi
Bryn Oh
Jadeyu Fhang
NicoleX Moonwall
Gitu Aura

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