Autocontrast filter of the Second Life Snapshot tool

Autocontrast Filter

When you are a user of the Snapshot tool in your Second Life viewer and you don't feel like doing any editing on your pictures, then the Autocontrast filter might be the thing for you.
The first picture shows a result of using the Autocontrast filter. It might be a little too much, but when you look at the second picture which is not filtered at all, you have to admit that the first one looks way better.
So if you find Photoshop too expensive, Gimp too complicated, then now you no  longer have an excuse. Add some colour and light to the pictures you share with us :-)

No Filter

Below is an image of the Snapshot tool and an indication where you can select the Autocontrast filter.


Post-Apocalyptic Living at It's Finest (Work In Progress). Hong Kong Rooftop Slums, Tokyo Piss Alley, Backwoods Road, Deadlands, Scavenged Ruins, Cat Sanctuary, Photo Op Sim and...a taxi service.

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